Sexual Abuse/Incest/Rape

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Research-oriented organization for persons falsely accused of childhood sex abuse based on recovered repressed memories. Also for persons questioning their memories, and professionals.
FMS Fdn., 3401 Market St., Suite 130, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Call (800) 568-8882 or (215) 387-1865; FAX: (215) 387-1917.


Incest Resources, Inc.

Resource. Provides educational and resource materials for female and male survivors and for professionals working with survivors. International listing of survivors self-help groups. For information send S.A.S.E. with two 1st class stamps.
Incest Resources, Inc., 46 Pleasant St., Cambridge, MA 02139. (NO CALLS PLEASE)

Incest Survivors Resource Network International

Founded 1983 at Friends Meeting House in NYC. Educational resources for incest survivors and professionals working with survivors. Includes information on mother-son incest. Survivor-run helpline.
ISRNI, P.O. Box 7375, Las Cruces, NM 88006-7375. Call (505) 521-4260 (Mon-Sat., 2-4pm; 11pm-midnight ET); FAX: (505) 521-3723.

I.S.A. (Incest Survivors Anonymous)

Based on the 12- steps and 12-traditions of A.A. Men, women and teens meet to share their experience, strength and hope, so that they may recover from their incest experiences. Not open to perpetrators or satanists. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope when writing.
I.S.A., P.O. Box 17245 Long Beach, CA 90807-7245.


Mutual support for survivors of clergy abuse. Aims to educate victims, clergy, professionals and the public. Newsletter, advocacy, conferences, assistance in starting independent groups.
LINKUP, 1412 W. Argyle St., Suite 2, Chicago, IL 60640. Call (773) 334-2296; FAX: (773) 334-0274.

More Than Conquerors

List serv for survivors of satanic ritual abuse, ritual abuse, and mind control, and for persons with multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorders. Provides support and information, resources, e-mail pal matching, advocacy, speakers bureau, education, IRC chat room, online newsletter, and two listservs.
More Than Conquerors, P.O. Box 70, Liberty Lake, WA 99019-0070.

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization

Resource. Information and referrals for male survivors of sexual assault and the professionals working with them.
NOMSV, PMB 103, 5505 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20015-2601. Call (800) 738-4181.

Parents United International, Inc.

Provides treatment for child sexual abuse. Includes individual therapy, group therapy and guided self-help. Also for adults molested as children. Chapter development guidelines and training available for professionals wishing to start groups.
Parents United Int'l, 615 15th St., Modesto, CA 95354-2510. Call (209) 572-3446; FAX: (209) 524-7780.

SARA (Sexual Assault Recovery Anonymous) Society

Education and self-help for adults and teens who were sexually abused as children. Group development guidelines and assistance provided for starting groups. Literature for behavioral modification available.
SARA, P.O. Box 16, Surrey, BC V3T 4W4 Canada. Call (604) 584-2626; FAX: (604) 584-2888.

SESAME (Survivors of Educator Sexual Abuse/Misconduct Emerge)

Support and information network for families of children (K-12) who have been sexually abused by a school staff member. Aims to raise public awareness.

SESAME, 681 Rt. 7A, Copake, NY 12516. Call (518) 329-1265 or (516) 489-6406; FAX: (516) 489-6101.


S.I.A. (Survivors of Incest Anonymous) World Service Office

Self-help 12-step program for men and women 18 yrs. or older who have been victims of child sexual abuse and want to be survivors. Send self-addressed stamped envelope when writing.
S.I.A., P.O. Box 21817, Baltimore, MD 21222-6817. Call (410) 282-3400; FAX: (410) 282-3400.

SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

Support for men and women who were sexually abused by any clergy person (priests, brothers, nuns, deacons, teachers, etc). Extensive phone network, newsletter, advocacy, conferences, information and referrals, advocacy, support group meetings. SNAP, P.O. Box 438679, Chicago, IL 60643-8679. Call (312) 409-2720.

Survivor Connections, Inc.

Grassroots, activist organization for non-offending survivors of sexual assault by family, ritual, youth leaders, counselors, doctors, clergy, etc. Maintains database of perpetrators.
Frank Fitzpatrick, 52 Lyndon Rd., Cranston, RI 02905. Call (401) 941-2335 (FAX).

VOICES In Action, Inc.

Assists victims of incest/child sexual abuse in becoming survivors by helping them locate local support services and treatment. Provides public education on effects of incest. VOICES in Actions, P.O. Box 148309, Chicago, IL 60614. Call (773) 327-1500 or (800) 7-VOICE-8: FAX: (773) 327-4590.

WINGS Foundation, Inc.

Promotes healing through support groups to reduce the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Information, referrals to therapists, peer support groups for men and women.

WINGS Fnd., 8745 W. 14th Ave., Ste. 100, Lakewood, CO 80215. Call (303) 238-8660 or (800) 373-8671; FAX: (303) 238-8482.