MGH Neurology WebForums

Online. Fosters online communication between patients, caregivers and physicians about various neurological disorders and related topics. Provides open forums where people can discuss medical issues freely, real time discussions in the Neurology Chat Room, a photograph collection, and "A Window on my Mind," where persons can read or write creatively.

Narcolepsy Network

Support and education for persons with narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, their families and interested others. Helps with coping skills, family and community problems. Provides advocacy and education, supports research. Narcolepsy Network, 277 Fairfield Rd., Suite 310B, Fairfield, NJ 07004. Call (973) 276-0115; FAX: (973) 227-8224.

Periodic Paralysis Resource Center

(Online) Provides information and support to individuals with periodic paralysis (disorders characterized by loss of motion or sensation at irregular intervals), their families and health care professionals. Offers links to online discussion groups on specific disorders, online newsletter, and other resources.