Medication Schedules

Frequently asked questions:

What does “twice a day” mean?

Take your dose every 10 to 12 hours.

What does “three times a day” mean?

Take your doses approximately 8 hours apart.

What does “four times a day” mean?

Take your doses approximately 6 hours apart.

What does “two tablets daily” mean?

Generally, it means that you take two tablets at the same time once a day.

What does it mean when it says to “take at bedtime”?

It depends on the medication; usually it means take your dose 30 minutes to 1 hour before you retire at night.

Strategies for keeping track of your medication schedule:
  • Use an alarm clock or watch.

    If you have an alarm clock or a watch with an alarm, you can set the alarm for the right time to take your next dose of medication.

  • Use a compartmentalized pillbox.

    Oftentimes, an individual is taking more than one medication and at different times of the day. It is essential to take the correct dosage of each medication. An easy way to ensure this is to use a compartmentalized pillbox, available at the prescription counter in most pharmacies.

  • Use a calendar.

    Calendars are another easy and effective way to keep track of your doses. As you take each dose, cross off that day on your calendar. If you take more than one dose per day, you can write down the dosage times and then mark them off as you go.