Owen announced to leave Manchester United this summer, Golden Boy probably will bid farewell to football

Following Beckham , C Luo After that, a Manchester United 7 will leave Old Trafford ...... Yesterday, the Manchester United striker Michael Owen on his Twitter and revealed that the club will not renew his contract , and thereafter Manchester United official website also confirmed the news . For the next stop where the former golden boy of England said, " still considering them ." 1998 World Cup in England , " Golden Boy " was born, and into old age Erwin career but difficult to have a color show. Yesterday, the British " Daily Telegraph" reported that the star of the team and the Irish Memorial Tournament Harry Gregg is a 32 -year-old Owen last appearance on behalf of the Red Devils . Since then, Owen soon on his Twitter confirmed the news , Manchester United will not extend his contract : " Tuesday to commemorate the club after the game coach told me that and I will not renew . I enjoyed three years in the Manchester every minute of this great club and I want to thank the players , staff and fans for their support , and wish them good luck in the future . " for their own future, Owen said: " I'm planning a vacation , and to consider the next step . " According to the British media analysis, has passed the peak period of the " Golden Boy " this probably will end his career. Owen in 2009 and the end of the contract Newcastle free to join Manchester United , but each season will be long-term injury sidelined this season Champions League home game against Galati steel starting debut , but the first half will be changed due to thigh injury next , until this year in February began training for Manchester United did not make any contribution to the league title race . Injuries to the rapid fall of former golden boy , coupled with the rise of Welbeck and Hernandez , his team had no place. Three seasons at Manchester United , Owen played a total of 52 times into 17 balls. Owen will leave Manchester United away jersey No. 7 symbolizes the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson will he left to the new owner . Japanese star Shinji Kagawa and Lille " yaoxing " secret meeting of Hazzard is currently Manchester United . It now appears , Kagawa is likely to become the new owner of No. 7 jersey . Manchester United is still the king of England ! June 2009 , to 80 million pounds worth switching to Real Madrid , C Luo young fame career since then realized another leap forward . And while in the past two years, where his rivals Barcelona, ??Real Madrid has always been to suppress , but he and Macy 's personal PK, but never fall under the wind . This season, with his winning golden goal at the Nou Camp , by spearheading the " Galacticos " will finally overthrew the Barcelona dynasty rule , a series of records updated rewritten. But, in the heart of which C Lo , "Manchester United " has always been one that he can not forget the name. More Premier League news >> we all know, in this season's Premier League journey which , in the past few seasons consecutive losing Tevez , C Luo and many other big Manchester United described as difficult , the league has been in pre- catching role. And while relying on Manchester City's slack and not the whole staff , once they recovered the points gap and extended the lead to eight points, but due to the overall strength of the finite plus inexperienced young players , but they eventually fall short, stand and will hand champions handed the hands of rivals . However, as the former Red Devils top players , C Luo for Manchester United lost the crown on and people think that kind of pessimism , particularly in his opinion , Manchester United regardless of the past, the future is now , it will be well-deserved , " the king of England ." , because it does not vary Manchester reversal to win . In the latest interview accepted , C rotan rate , said: " A few days ago , I witnessed Manchester City scored two goals in the last minute , respectively, in the match for 91 minutes, and 93 minutes that time , I had bet Manchester United will win the league championship, eventually I lost while for such a result, I am very disappointed, because until now , Manchester United will still exist in my mind . " " Yes ! in my opinion, Manchester City is now one called the dream team, has a lot of star -class players . "C Lo praised the Red Devils in the sworn enemy , but also full of suspense and left a hint . "But I think , actually Manchester United in the coming days will still be hard to beat the king of England ." C Luo made ??the remark when a firm tone and loneliness .Besides,if you are interested in Premier League soccer shirts, just visit uk site, the site sell all kinds of cheap jerseys. Well, let's continue talking about football news next time.. Related News : · C Lo Real Madrid refused to swear allegiance to dig the Blues g battleship person dead Barcelona